Harvey Marrow Meir -Family Mediation Specialists

What is mediation?
Even if you choose to come to a joint assessment meeting, each of you will be seen separately at the beginning for a short time.

This is for two reasons: First, so that we can complete the forms to see if you are eligible for publically funded mediation. Second, to check that both of you are sure that you could meet together to discuss your situation freely and both make decisions. Ensuring your safety is a priority for us. The rest of the meeting will be a discussion about your particular situation and how mediation might help so that everybody can make a well informed decision as to whether mediation is suitable for you.

what happens at the meeting? what is the assessment meeting?
This is a chance for you and your mediator to decide whether or not mediation is the right way forward for you in your situation. Your partner or ex-partner will have the same opportunity. Your mediator will check whether you are entitled to Public Funding to mediate. If you are not eligible you will be given details of the cost of mediation. You may have seen a Solicitor about taking proceedings to Court. However in some cases it is necessary to have an assessment meeting with a mediator to see whether or not your problems can be dealt with in mediation instead of going through the Courts.

do I have the assessment meeting alone?
Mediation is only possible if both you and your partner want to come. Unless both of you prefer to attend together, the assessment meeting will be with each of you separately.

what if my partner is unwilling to attend?
We will explain to you whether you will still need to come for a meeting with the mediator to see if your case is suitable for mediation.

do I need to bring anything to the meeting?
Please bring your National Insurance Number and proof of your last weeks/months earnings and any benefits you are receiving.

will I have to pay for the assessment?
No, the assessment meeting with the mediator is free. Family Mediation helps those involved in family breakdown communicate better with each other and reach their own decisions about all or some of the issues arising from separation and divorce - children, property and finance. Mediation is about directly negotiating your own decisions and the mediator’s job is to help you to do this without taking sides or giving advice to either of you. Mediation is an alternative to

Solicitors negotiating for you or having decisions made for you by the Courts, but please remember that your Solicitor will still be available to advise you about the decisions you are thinking of taking.