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What happens next?

If everyone decides that mediation would be suitable, then an appointment for the first mediation session will be made and you will be advised to tell your Solicitor what is happening. If mediation is not suitable, you will be advised to make another appointment with your Solicitor.

Importance of Being a Dad

The importance of dad's role within the family unit is so often underestimated. The role of father is incredibly complex and so much more is expected of us than our fathers' generation. When you become a dad so much changes in your life and yet, at the same time, so much stays the same - you're still expected to get up on Monday morning and go to work leaving a new born baby and an exhausted wife at home.

All parents will benefit from the support from family and friends and will also benefit from being prepared for the world of parenting.

parentingSometimes it is so hard to work out what is a priority when just about everything seems to be a priority. Things can become even more complex when your partner goes back to work, as extra childcare responsibilities can be onerous. Alternatively, your partner or you may stay at home longer term and money problems may arise, either way, the additional pressure can be take its toll on you, your partner and your relationship.

Support From Relatives

Keeping youngsters entertained is no mean feat, so to help you become an even better grandparent! has 10 top tips to help you along the way. So, don’t be surprised when, as a result, on Grandparent’s Day you get spoiled rotten for being just the best grandparent in the world!